Things To Do in the Philippines

Here are the top things to do in the Philippines

Philippines is a tropical group of islands, called archipelago. It has numerous tourist spots that want to keep you wanting to see more of the islands. There’s so much to offer on these islands. These are just the highlights of the Philippines. Just read on, to know more of the islands.

1. Visit Mayon

Mayon Volcano credits to wikipedia

It is famed as the most perfect-coned volcano in the world.

1. Visit Palawan

Visit the underground river in Palawan, Philippines.

2. Visit the Chocolate Hills

Sightseeing with the famous Chocolate Hills. The view of the hills are beautifully formed like the chocolate kisses. It’s non-edible though. You can find a restaurant also if you get hungry, eating on top of the hill, with your company of family and friends.

3. Visit Vigan

A historical landmark of the Philippines, showing Spanish themed structures of houses.

4. Batanes

It is famous because of its a natural wonder and picturesque motifs it can give to visitors. It is has  a lighthouse, beautiful hills like you are in wonderland, Batanes cuisine, lime-stoned wall houses, friendly natives, and beautiful seas.

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