Things to do in Legazpi, Albay

1. Lignon Hills Park

Take a walk or jogging at Lignon hills Park. No entrance fee. You can also take the zipline adventure.

2. Embarcadero

It is a shopping mall where you can find good food from burgers, shakes, snacks, and dinner.

3. ATV-at Cagsawa, near Mayon

Have fun and get some adventure doing ATV at Mayon. You’ll experience, riding along rivers, and trails with its perfect and great Mayon Background experience! It costs Php 1,500 for an hour ride.

4. Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins is the most favorite place to go in Legazpi. Most tourist come here and take a picture of Mt. Mayon’s beauty. It’s seeing Mayon at another angle. You can have a tourist guide to help you know more about the place for a fee of Php 100.

5. Photography

Take some time taking pictures of the picturesque Mt. Mayon. So many angles to shoot from, with natural scenic landscapes. Best time to take a picture are early mornings til 9AM on a sunny day, and afternoons. Position yourself at Lignon hills park, the boulevard, or Kapuntukan hill.

6. Visit historic churches: St. Gregory the Great Cathedral and Daraga Church

St Gregory is located in the middle of Legazpi City. Have some time and visit these historic and memorable place. Daraga Church has magnificent landscape and displays of religious relics.

7. Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard
Legazpi Boulevard

Awesome Boulevard, you can jog or take some walks, and when you reach at the end of the boulevard, you can buy some Filipino foods like, puto, budbud, chicken adobo, pork adobo, and many more.

8. Chili ice cream at Colonial Grill

Tasteful chili ice cream you can buy for less than Php 100. It’s a great experience and the taste interesting!

9. Kapuntukan Hills

Two hills that forms a body of a woman. It is interesting to see the forms. It’s a best place for taking a picture of Mt. Mayon and enjoy the scenery sitting rightly at the pavement of the boulevard looking at the sea or the Mayon.

Things to do in Malaysia

Malaysia, a multi-cultural place  rich in culture, beaches, and festivals.


Kuala Lumpur City Center is a multipurpose development area in Malaysia. You can find distinct hotels, and residentials, shopping malls, and office buildings.

2. See the Petronas Tower

It is the tallest building in Malaysia built by the largest oil company in Malaysia. It is currently the world’s tallest twin structure and 5th tallest skyscraper. It has a magnificent view of the city’s skyline.

3. Swim at the beaches of Malaysia

  • Pangkor Island (off central west coast, with airport)
  • Pangkor Laut Island (off central west coast, private) Pantai Teluk Belanga (Emerald Bay)
  • Langkawi Island (northwest coast), Datai Beach in Datai Bay.
  • Tioman Island (just off the south-east mainland)

4. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

A theme park just few minutes in Kuala Lumpur. It is located in Selangor. It has a pavilion, a skating rink, and caters delicious foods and restaurants.

It has an Indoor Theme park that features places from France, England, Italy, Switzerland, and America. Other highlights include paintball war games, mountain biking, wall climbing, bungee jumping, go-karting, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) rides, the Pontianak Theatre of Fear, and Terminator laser battle.

It has a Surf Beach that stretches over 13,000 square metres.

For more info about Malaysia.

Things to do in Boracay

Boracay is one of the best beaches in the world.

The long white sand beach is divided into three stations: Station 1, Station 2, Station 3.

Station 1 – You can find high end hotels and accommodation, and those who want a quieter place.
Station 2 – It is where the most activities happen. There are shops and restaurants here, and a mall.
Station 3 – A less crowded area and cheaper resorts.

Boracay offers from five-star to budget accommodations.

The top things to do in Boracay!

1. Paraws for Parasailing

A thrilling experience when you’re up in the air.

Parasailing rates depends on the seasons.
For off peak season – Php 1,000
High season – Php 2000 – Php 2,500 (solo)

Rates vary.

2. Swim at the beach and have a sun tan

You can swim at the beach anywhere you want just because of the long white sand shoreline.

3. ATV

You can ride an hour along Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Rd., or do ATV at the Beach! Explore the roads criss-crossing the hills in Boracay’s north end.

4. Island Hopping around the Islands of Boracay

Hop around the islands you can explore more white sand beaches, very pristine and very clear waters. Pumpboat fees (outriggers) fee is around Php 1,500.

Puka Beach – a white sand beach island near Boracay. Famous of being one of the best beaches in the world, you can swim here with just few people. At the middle of the island, is a small hut and bar filled with souvenir items.

5. Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Boracay is fun activity where you get to see fishes underwater peeking at them and looking what they’re doing. You can bring your own snorkels or go rent for only Php 250.

6. Crystal Cove Caves

They pick you up going to an island, called Laurel Island, with two caves located at the southern end of Boracay. You can spend your time here away from the central Boracay. Entrance fee is Php 150.

7. Beach and Spa Massage

Have a relaxing massage. Pamper yourself. There are a lot of spa massage centers in Boracay. Hotels also offer spa massages. Rates vary.

A series of compilation of Aromatherapy massage, a Swedish massage, Lympathic Drainage and foot reflexology. It is a highly therapeutic treatment for your skin, body, mind and soul.

You will experience and enjoy homemade hot ginger tea, rose body scrub, facial scrub, foot spa, hair spa, essential oils, and aromatherapy.

8. Banana Boating

Best to do this during summer time from January to May, when the weather is sunny,  and not much waves. You can enjoy it with your friends, and family.

9. Helmet Diving

Designed for those who want to go underwater for a few meters deep, but can’t swim. You’ll gonna wear your helmets on and experience underwater. You will see coral reefs, series of school of fish, and marine and aquatic life.

10. Sunset Sailing

Boracay at sunset, credits to wikipedia
Boracay at sunset, credits to wikipedia

You can sail in late afternoons and enjoy the sunset. Rate starts from Php 1,200 and good for 4 people.

You can visit here for more information on Paraw sailing

11. Jet ski

Ride the way you like and experience jet ski in Boracay. Rate is Php 1,500. It is good for 2 people good for an hour ride.

12. Wind surfing

Enjoy yourself in water sport experience wind surfing in Boracay perfect for beginners. You might get lucky you can find dolphins when you’re up high above the water.

13. Making sand castles

Enjoy making sand castles of the white sand beach in Boracay. Have fun and get creative.


How to get to Boracay:

You can travel by air via Caticlan airport, Aklan, and from there ride a tricyle going to Caticlan jetty boat, then ride a pumpboat going to Boracay Island.

Or travel by air via airport in Kalibo, Aklan. Ride a bus or van-for-hire going to Caticlan Jetty port, then ride a pumpboat going to Boracay Island.

Caticlan jetty boat ride – Php 350 per head. You can save money going in groups, you may have discounts depending in your haggling experience. 😉