Things To Do in the Philippines

Here are the top things to do in the Philippines

Philippines is a tropical group of islands, called archipelago. It has numerous tourist spots that want to keep you wanting to see more of the islands. There’s so much to offer on these islands. These are just the highlights of the Philippines. Just read on, to know more of the islands.

1. Visit Mayon

Mayon Volcano credits to wikipedia

It is famed as the most perfect-coned volcano in the world.

1. Visit Palawan

Visit the underground river in Palawan, Philippines.

2. Visit the Chocolate Hills

Sightseeing with the famous Chocolate Hills. The view of the hills are beautifully formed like the chocolate kisses. It’s non-edible though. You can find a restaurant also if you get hungry, eating on top of the hill, with your company of family and friends.

3. Visit Vigan

A historical landmark of the Philippines, showing Spanish themed structures of houses.

4. Batanes

It is famous because of its a natural wonder and picturesque motifs it can give to visitors. It is has  a lighthouse, beautiful hills like you are in wonderland, Batanes cuisine, lime-stoned wall houses, friendly natives, and beautiful seas.

Things to do in Bohol

Bohol is located at Central Visayas, Philippines. It is considered one of the best tourist spot and most travelled spot in the Philippines. You can:

1. Enjoy the scenery at the Chocolate Hills

One of the worlds eighth wonder, it is beautiful, breezy, and awesomely cute hills that look like hershey’s chocolate. That’s why they call it Chocolate Hills. It is one of the most breathtaking sites in the Philippines.

Chocolate Hills - Photo by Feano
Chocolate Hills – Photo by Leckre

2. Sightseeing at Sagbayan peak

You can watch the Chocolate Hills from another view. A scenic landscape of more chocolate hills! The more chocolate hills, the merrier. You will see  Duffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Lola, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Duck, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Lion King, Tiger and other dinosaurs. There is also a refreshment area for food and drinks.

3. Ziplining at Danao Extreme-Adventure Park.

One of the longest zipline and really fun extreme ride you can take at the Danao Extreme Adventure Park. With activities like wall climbing and river kayaking in Danao, Bohol, you don’t really wanna miss it.

4. Swim fine beaches

White sand beaches include: Panglao Beach, Momo beach, Libaong Beach, Alona beach, Dumaluan beach and so many others. Stay in the Island of Panglao, and you’ll find a variety of beaches in there.

Dumaluan beach – is a beach resort with budget and affordable accommodations. You can stay there anytime you like. They also have a restaurant for food and dining. They have white sand beach.

Alona Beach. The beach has a length of 800 meters. It is the most famous beach in Panglao, Bohol. They offer trips to the nearby islands of Balicasag and Pamilacan island.

5. Take a chance to gaze at the Tarsiers

They are nocturnal, cute animals with giant eyes and immensely soft fur. They fly, and hang around  in palm leafs or between tree branches in Loboc. They are endangered species. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get to see them. They are the smallest primates of the world. And also, the mammal with the biggest eyes. Their gaze are very cute and lovely.

6. Eat at a Floating restaurant river cruise

Just after watching the tarsiers, you can dine at a floating restaurant just along Loboc river.  It costs around Php 1,000(per person), with eat all you can food and drinks. The floating restaurant also offers music by singers while eating and dining in the floating restaurant.

7. Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol

It is a place where you can see all types of butterflies in the world. You can find the largest butterfly here. Wait for the guide to help you through knowing the butterflies and their kingdom, the guide will show you through the butterflies life cycle, their metamorphoses, and their natures. The butterfly sanctuary have  more or less 300 butterfly species. Entrance is Php 40 for adults, and Php 10 for kids.

8. Bohol Bee farm

It is a restaurant that serves delicious organic food, like rose petals, honey, malunggay and many more. They have salads with palatable tastes. They also have well decorated huts and beautiful cottages with jacuzzi’s for accommodation, and swimming pool.

9. Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbiliran

This is where it happend. The blood compact shrine is the very site where Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi  in the act of peace in March 16, 1565.

10. Visit Baclayon Church

A century old church and historic church. It is dedicated to Our Lady Immaculate Conception. The church is made of stones, and facing the altar is designed with Baroque pulpits.

11. Hanging bridge in Tigbao

If you are brave enough, you can face your fears from the hanging bridge in Tigbao. A bridge made of bamboo crossing the Loboc river through the other side. On the other side has a sale of souvenir items and t-shirts.

12. Man-made forest in Bilar

Take a peek of the man-made forest in Bilar on your way to Chocolate Hills. It is a series of mahogany trees planted by the Holy Name University. You can spend a few minutes taking some time here to be one with nature. It gives you a refreshing feeling of the fresh breeze that touches in your skin. You’ll feel like you are in another side of the world.


Getting here around Bohol:

Find a v-hire or (“van for hire”) at Tagbiliran, Bohol or at Island City Mall. The fee is around Php 2,500 – Php 3,000 depending on the number of spots your taking.



I T I N E R A R Y – B O H O L


Day 1 | Whole day tour | under $300  
8AM – Start at Tagbilaran
9AM – Blood Compact in Tagbilaran
9:30 AM – Loboc Church
10AM – Check out the Tarsiers
11PM – Hanging Bridge in Tigbao, Loboc
12PM – Loboc Floating Restaurant
1PM – Man-made Forest
2PM – Visit the Chocolate Hills

1PM – Butterfly Sanctuary
4PM – Spend the extra hours at the beach in Tagbilaran